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Controversy Stops Over Oak Lawn Signs

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The Village of Oak Lawn has been forced to take down some quirky traffic signs.

Last year, the village installed some unusual octagonal-shaped red signs underneath regular stop signs. Mayor Eric Heilmann says he came up with the idea to get drivers to slow down.

HEILMANN: Some said ‘And Smell the Roses’ another sign said ‘Whoaaa’ another sign said ‘Please Please Please’ another said ‘In the Naaame of Love,’ like the Supremes song, so it was just an attempt to use a little bit of humor to get people’s attention.

The signs did get the attention of the Federal Highway Administration, which then threatened to pull funding for road projects in the town. It says the signs violated national standards. Heilmann says that threat was enough for him to take down the offending placards.

HEILMANN: Life is short, and these are not things to fight about.

Heilmann says the village is considering selling the signs, and coming up with new ways to remind drivers to stop ignoring the signs.

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