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Push for Nuclear Energy Strong: Regulatory Head

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Push for Nuclear Energy Strong: Regulatory Head

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Dale Klein in his Maryland office. (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)

The head of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says he expects nuclear power to be a large part of the country’s push toward greener energy. NRC Chairman Dale Klein spoke in Chicago this morning at an industry conference.

The Bush administration has been a strong advocate of expanding nuclear power. The president’s Energy Policy Act of 2005 secured billions in loan guarantees for new nuclear generators. Chairman Klein says whatever administration follows this one is most likely to continue the effort to revive the industry.

KLEIN: No matter who is elected in November, the basic demand for energy will not change and the basic concern about global warming will only increase.

Meantime, opponents of nuclear power say it is not an eco-friendly alternative because the government still does not have a concrete plan for storing radioactive waste. They say the industry should be focusing on using renewable sources of energy like wind power.

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