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Judge Grants More Hiring at Juvenile Center

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The head of Cook County’s troubled Juvenile Temporary Dentention Center won approval from a federal judge today to add more staff.

In his ruling, federal Judge John Nordberg writes that it’s clear from testimony that understaffing at the juvenile center puts the health and safety of its residents at risk. So Nordberg is allowing the center’s top administrator to temporarily hire an independent security firm to work the night shift and move those workers to the day. Earl Dunlap heads the juvenile center. He says he plans to have the private security firm on-board for about six months and in that time make the permanent hires he needs.

DUNLAP: We need to get rockin’ and rollin’ here and make some things happen.

Dunlap says he looks to have the security firm start training on Monday. The union representing many of the center’s staff resisted Dunlap’s plan in court, saying it violated its collective bargaining agreement. A spokesperson for Teamsters Local 714 was not immediately available for comment.

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