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FBI Investigating Arson Near Daley's Michigan Home

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The FBI and Michigan police are investigating a fire near the summer home of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley as possible arson.

The grass fire broke out a little after noon on April 24 in Grand Beach, Michigan, just over the state line from Indiana.

One luxury home was completely destroyed and two others were damaged.

Mayor Daley’s summer home actually didn’t sustain any damage, but officials in Michigan now suspect the fire was intentionally set.

Authorities say a note was sent to Daley’s City Hall office by someone who may have been upset by the killing of a cougar on Chicago’s North Side last month.

Grand Beach patrolman George Keeler reported the initial fire and first thought it may have been an accident.

KEELER: I thought somebody pitched a cigarette out or something along those lines. It was real dry and windy. But then you think about, there’s not much traffic up that street but it’s possible.

The Michigan fire marshal’s office was called following the blaze to investigate because of the damage to the homes.

The FBI is assisting in the investigation.

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