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Batter Up!! Railcats Open New Season at the 'Yard'

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Batter Up!! Railcats Open New Season at the 'Yard'

Railcats opened 2008 season with a 3-0 loss to Joliet on Thursday night. (Photo by Michael Puente/WBEZ)

As temperatures start to climb in the region, minor league baseball is also heating up, especially in Gary, Indiana.

Lake Forest attorney Pat Salvi picked a good time to buy the Gary Southshore Railcats. The team won the Northern League championship last season, right before Salvi took over.

Salvi says he’s a big sports fan and always admired the Railcats as he passed by their stadium, the U.S. Steel Yard, on his way to South Bend to visit his son in college. But Salvi never took in a game until Thursday, opening night at the ballpark.

SALVI: This is a beautiful venue, I think one of the best in the United States. As I was in the process of buying the team, I learned about the area, the community, the fan base. Everyone who has been to a game always said, ‘Pat it is very electric here when you are here.’

The Railcats ended up losing to the Joliet Jackhammers on Thursday but that didn’t dampen Salvi’s enthusiasm.

Salvi says he’s hoping to increase the team’s fan base this season through promotions and advertising.

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