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Can We Make the World Democratic?

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Can We Make the World Democratic?

Joshua Muravchik


Can any nation and culture become democratic? Is democracy the right form of government for all? While some claim that democracy-promotion should be a key U.S. foreign policy goal, others question whether the U.S. has the ability and right to do so. Arguing that the spread of democracy around the globe heralds a revolutionary change, democracy expert Joshua Muravchik identifies key obstacles to democracy’s advance and poses a key question for the next administration: should the U.S. export democracy?

The event is presented as part of “The Road to 2008: American Leadership in an Uncertain World.” This 2007-2008 Chicago and the World Forum continues with a seven-part series on major international issues the next administration will face, including the role of international institutions, the Middle East, U.S. - Europe relations, globalization, and the rise of Asia.


Recorded Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at InterContinental Hotel.

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