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Chicagoans Search For Cheaper Gas

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The pain at the pump is getting worse and there doesn’t seem to be any cure in site. According to the latest Lundberg Survey, Chicago and Long Island, New York have the highest prices for regular unleaded gas in the nation at $4.07 a gallon. That has some Chicago-area drivers crossing into Indiana for cheaper gas.

Cary Durham isn’t unlike many drivers these days who search for the lowest gas price until they’re practically running on fumes.

Earlier this afternoon, Durham found a bit of an oasis just in the nick of time. He pulled into an Exxon gas station in Dyer, Indiana, less than a half-mile across the state line from south suburban Lynwood.

DURHAM: I just made it actually. It got to the E point.

Durham says he’s unsure why gas has gotten so expensive but he knows it has.

DURHAM: Oh my God, it’s like $4.20 and we just don’t understand why? It’s almost $4.50 in some places.

Here at the Exxon in Dyer, Durham paid 3.86 per gallon, 10 cents cheaper than the BP service station that straddles the state line just a little up the road.

Despite being low on gas, Durham passed that one up in hopes of finding it cheaper somewhere else.

Durham says driving 10 miles out of the way to Dyer from his home in Park Forest is well worth it.

DURHAM:. I’ll drive for that 30 cents. Retired teacher Flora Ciarlo says she avoids having to buy gasoline anywhere near her home.

CIARLO: I live in the city of Chicago. Guess what? Gas is $4.19-$4.25 for regular.

Ciarlo says she wishes she made it to Indiana more often.

CIARLO: It’s much more economical to come out here than to buy gas in Chicago. It’s just outrageous. Outrageous!!

Ironically, Hoosiers themselves are calling gas prices around here outrageous as well.

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