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Great Lakes Compact Gets Another Signature

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Wisconsin is the latest state to approve a treaty designed to keep Great Lakes water in the region.

The agreement would prevent folks outside the Great Lakes Basin from tapping into that fresh Great Lakes water, with a few exceptions. Proponents hope this’ll help sustain water levels in the lakes.

After getting the nod from the state legislature, Wisconsin’s governor signed the Great Lakes Compact earlier today.

DALEY: Well, finally.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley leads a group of U.S. and Canadian mayors who back the treaty. Illinois signed on last summer.

DALEY: We’ve been in the forefront of really protecting the Great Lakes, and Wisconsin hasn’t - historically. I’m glad they finally realized how important the Great Lakes [are].

It took Wisconsin two-and-a-half years to approve the water compact. Three Great Lakes states still haven’t signed on. And the treaty ultimately needs congressional approval.

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