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Group Wants State Infrastructure Plan Considered

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A leading business group says it’s “irresponsible” for Illinois leaders to delay a statewide infrastructure program.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce says roads and bridges need repairs and a plan unveiled last week could solve the problem. Chamber CEO Doug Whitley says the group is open to leasing the state’s lottery and expanding gambling to pay for the improvements. Whitley says while the focus in Springfield appears to be on getting a new state budget and adjourning the General Assembly’s spring session, construction needs should be part of the discussion as well.

WHITLEY: If that requires returning to Springfield for a special session, so be it. If that requires special hearings on the part of the legislature, so be it.

A $31 billion plan was announced last week, but few are expecting it will be considered anytime soon. House Democrats have appeared less likely to give the Governor control over that much money.

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