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New Scholarship Could Help Undocumented Immigrants Go to College

SHARE New Scholarship Could Help Undocumented Immigrants Go to College

A new scholarship from Roosevelt University could give some undocumented immigrants the chance to go to college. The plan has drawn the ire of some who oppose illegal immigration.

Social Justice High School on Chicago’s Near West Side will see its first group of seniors graduate next year. Those students also will be eligible for a full scholarship to Roosevelt University, in Chicago and Northwest suburban Schaumburg. University president Chuck Middleton says anyone can qualify, including undocumented immigrants. He says that shouldn’t be controversial because state law already allows those immigrants to attend state schools.

MIDDLETON: They can go to the public universities in the state of Illinois, without question, paying the heavily subsidized in-state tuition rates, and why not make for those for whom this is an optimal place to be, Roosevelt, available to them on a same or similar basis?

Meantime, William Gheen with Americans for Legal Immigration opposes the scholarship. He says it could take opportunities away from citizens who have a right to those spots.

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