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Chicagoans Keep Eye on Puerto Rican Primary

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Chicagoans Keep Eye on Puerto Rican Primary

Obama is in South Dakota before the June 3 primary, and Clinton is in Puerto Rico in preparation for today’s race there. (Chris Carlson/Brennan Linsley)

Puerto Ricans in Chicago are paying close attention to today’s Democratic primary on their ancestral island, but with some misgivings. We report from our West Side bureau.

Chicago has more Puerto Ricans than any other U.S. city except New York. Anchored in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, the community stands out for supporting underdog causes like legalization of undocumented Mexicans and political rights in Puerto Rico.

Residents of that Caribbean archipelago are U.S. citizens but have no seats in Congress. And they can’t vote in November’s presidential election. But they do have a voice in who gets nominated.

MALDONADO: This is the first time that some attention has been given to the primary election in Puerto Rico by the national media.

What worries Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado is whether the candidates will keep their promises.

MORALES: At least Puerto Rico is being talked about.

Marisol Morales helps run a service-learning program at DePaul University. She’s hosting a house party this afternoon to watch the returns.

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