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Dick Tracy Museum Closes

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The Dick Tracy Museum in Woodstock, Illinois, is shutting down after 17 years. The museum will hold a closing ceremony on Sunday.

When people think of Dick Tracy they often think of yellow fedoras and wrist watch communicators. But Jean Gould O’Connell wanted people to know about her father, Chester Gould. Gould created the famous crime fighter in 1931 while working for the Chicago Tribune. O’Connell says the Dick Tracy Museum was one way of sharing her father’s history.

O’CONNELL: It was so rewarding to see many people come in here and gentlemen come in and several turned to me and said, ‘Dick Tracy is the reason I went into law enforcement.’

O’Connell says Tracy’s honesty and courage made him such a popular character. She says she’s taking the museum online due to a lack of funding.

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