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Chicago Schools Chief Mixed On Funding Proposal

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Chicago Public Schools officials are organizing a large rally at Soldier Field later this month. It’s to call for education funding reform. But the more urgent matter for the district right now is the current state budget proposal.

Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan has mixed feelings about the budget. For one, he says he’s glad it adds about $98 million to the district’s funding for next year. But that’s only about half of what the district had requested. Duncan says that’s not the only disappointment.

DUNCAN: Not just the lack of funding, but the instability is very, very difficult. Our fiscal year starts in less than a month, it starts July 1st, as does probably every other school district in the state. None of us know how much money we’re going to have to operate. None of us know whether any capital resource is there or not.

Duncan says if the new money is approved, it’ll most likely go to increases in energy costs, teacher salaries and pensions.

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