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Two Illinois Superdelegates Still Uncommitted

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The last of the country’s primaries are taking place today. Those votes, and party leaders called superdelegates, will eventually decide who the Democratic presidential nominee will be.

Two Illinois superdelegates remain uncommitted. The other 28 have declared their support for Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Obama. One of the Democratic Party’s national leaders, Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, who’s also an Obama ally, recently spoke out against superdelegates who haven’t endorsed.

DURBIN: I tell them to get off the dime and to make up their minds. I mean, this has been going on long enough. A lot of them have put this off in the hopes that they never have to face a hard decision. But they will. At at some point they will have to choose.

Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel is one of those uncommitted superdelegates. A spokesperson for Emanuel’s office says he still has no timetable for announcing which Democratic candidate he’ll support. Another Illinois superdelegate, labor leader Ed Smith, did not return calls for comment.

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