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The End of Ted Airlines

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United Airlines says it will cut more jobs and ground more planes, blaming an extra $3-billion dollars it expects to spend on jet fuel this year. The Chicago-based company also plans to eliminate its discount airline.

PHONE: Thanks for calling Ted, part of United.

United hyped Ted as sort of a hipper, cheaper, version of itself.

PHONE: To make your travel plans with Ted, please press 2.

Analysts doubted it could be profitable. And after less than five years in the sky, Ted’s been dumped in a cost-cutting move. Joseph Schwieterman is a transportation expert at DePaul University.

SCHWIETERMAN: The elimination of Ted is more, you might say, a bit of company embarrassment than anything else.

A spokesperson says Ted’s employees, many of whom also work on United flights, won’t automatically lose their jobs - although they could be subject to company-wide cuts.

Ted’s 56 planes will be absorbed into United’s fleet by the end of next year.

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