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City Council Showdown Nears for Kids' Museum

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A final city council vote on the Chicago Children’s Museum’s proposed move to Grant Park could come this week.

The controversial move has the backing of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who says Grant Park is the best location for an expanded museum. Opponents say building in Grant Park would violate longstanding laws and court orders protecting open space.

The proposed site lies in the 42nd Ward, represented by rookie Aldermen Brendan Reilly. Reilly’s staunchly opposed to the museum’s plan.

REILLY: There are a number of uncommitted votes remaining on the city council. It’s my job to go out and persuade them to vote ‘no.’

That showdown’s expected on Wednesday, although Reilly could use a parliamentary tactic known as “defer and publish.” That would postpone the vote until the nexy city council meeting, currently scheduled for July.

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