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Chicago's Air Guitarists to Compete

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Most people play air guitar in the privacy of their own bedrooms. But 20 contestants will take the stage tonight in the Chicago regional Air Guitar Championships.

The winner in Chicago will face 24 other finalists at the U.S. Air Guitar Championships in August. Cedric Devitt is co-founder of the competition.

DEVITT: This is something that needs to be measured and taken as a serious thing as sort of a sport and as a rock pursuit.

So what makes a good air guitar performance? Contestants will be judged on technical ability, or looking like you’re playing a guitar; stage presence; and a little factor Devitt calls “airness.”

DEVITT: It is the extent to which your performance transcends the imitation of playing a real guitar and becomes and takes on another art form into itself.

The best American air guitarist will go on to compete in the world championships in Finland.

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