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Jurors in Kelly Case Had Doubts

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Jurors in the child pornography trial of R&B singer R. Kelly say they couldn’t be certain the female on the tape was the alleged victim. The jury acquitted Kelly on all 14 counts of child pornography after more than a day of deliberation.

As the verdict was read, Kelly sat with his head bowed, tears of relief streaming down his face. He wiped his eyes with a blue handkerchief.

Prosecutors argued that the R&B singer had sex with, urinated on and videotaped his goddaughter who was as young as 13. The emotionally charged case took six years to get to trial.

The jury took copious notes throughout the trial. Some members said they were not 100 percent sure of the girl’s identity on the 27-minute sex tape.

Her absence in the trial also played a role, they said.

Defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. said fellow defense team member Ed Genson was the linchpin.

ADAM JR.: He believed in our case. He believed the prosecution would fail and like a modern-day Nostradamus he predicted it all the way down and sure enough it came out at the end.

The trial itself was a roller coaster with family and friends identifying the female in the video. But the defense argued that money and extortion were at the root.

Prosecutor Robert Heilingoetter said the witnesses who testified stood steadfast.

HEILINGOETTER: With the only interest being the interest of this victim who wasn’t able to come forward and speak for herself.

Robert Kelly is the singer’s real name and he’s 41 years old. His spokesman says Kelly needs time to “recover” from this ordeal.

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