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GAO Grants Boeing's Protest

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The Government Accountability Office has sided with the Chicago-based Boeing Company, over a multi-billion dollar Pentagon contract. Boeing had lost the Air Force tanker deal in February.

Chicago Public Radio’s Ammad Omar has more.

The $35 Billion tanker deal was one of the biggest in military history and was widely considered Boeing’s to lose. And when the company did lose the contract to a partnership of two rivals - Boeing cried foul - appealing to the Government Accountability Office to review the process.

Today, the GAO sustained Boeing’s appeal, saying quote “the Air Force made a number of significant errors that could have affected the outcome of what was a close competition.”

The GAO has asked the Air Force to re-open the bidding with fresh proposals from both parties. The Air Force has 60 days to respond, but isn’t required to change its mind on the deal.

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