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More Levees Break Along Mississippi

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More Levees Break Along Mississippi

Sandbagging efforts in Quincy (WBEZ/Adriene Hill)

Rising water from the Mississippi River has breached two more levees north of Quincy, Illinois, today. Quincy is the site of massive sandbagging efforts. Mayor John Spring says he hopes this will be his city’s “last stand” against flooding for a while.

SPRING: You know, the middle class, hard-working values are really paying off here. And that’s what it takes to fight something like this, but there’s been so much cooperation with everyone that it’s really made it easy.

The river is expected to crest in Quincy later this week. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich surveyed the flood damage today. He says the state has done a good job trying to deal with the flooding along the river.

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