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RTA Critical of Further Funding for Superstation

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Some Regional Transportation Authority officials are criticizing the failed Superstation project beneath Chicago’s Block 37. And they don’t seem too happy about investing more money in the project.

The CTA can’t afford to finish the $213 million superstation. And it needs RTA approval to spend 46 million more on construction. For some RTA officials, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Director Steve Shlickman says he would have done things differently.

SHLICKMAN: We would have taken a very close look at that project and hopefully we would have made it a better project and avoided this problem.

RTA Board Chair Jim Reilly says none the less the agency can’t afford to let 213 million go to waste.

A CTA spokeswoman says the 46 million is their money and won’t affect any other transit projects.

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