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West Siders Sound Off on Same-Sex Unions

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Legislation expanding rights for same-sex couples in Illinois may come up for a House floor vote this year. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Greg Harris of Chicago, says its chances have improved now that California has legalized gay marriage. We asked people outside our West Side bureau whether they’d like more rights for same-sex couples in Illinois.

SERRANO: It should be against the law. It’s not right. It’s not right for two women to get married. And then they start kissing on TV. Wow.

TIRADO: I think everybody gots their own rights. I’m straight. I like men but I think that’s anybody else’s opinion. If they feel happy and they feel that they should do it and get married, I don’t have a problem about it.

VELMA: Illinois should honor God the same way they have God’s images in their capitol buildings and they should outlaw it because God calls it an abomination.

SHABAZZ: Nothing’s wrong with same sex couples. We do the same thing as if we was with a man. We’re female and we’re a couple and we get along. We have kids. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all want to be treated equal.

Outside our West Side bureau, that was William Serrano, Belinda Tirado, Adam Velma, and Amina Shabazz on what they’d like to see for same-sex couples in Illinois.

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