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A Capital Plan Could Bring a Kiss

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The Illinois House is scheduled to return to Springfield next week to consider a statewide construction plan. It would be paid for by leasing the state’s lottery. Governor Rod Blagojevich says he’s cautiously optimistic the bill will pass.

Money from the lottery plan could pay for things like school construction and road repairs. Governor Blagojevich says he supports it. Last week he hugged House Speaker Michael Madigan at the Democratic National Convention. Blagojevich says if the construction plan becomes a reality, this time there might be more than just a hug.

BLAGOJEVICH: If he actually passes it and it’s real and we can start putting people to work, I may not just hug him, I may actually kiss him.

Madigan’s spokesman says the lottery lease could be the last option for a capital plan. But he didn’t have an opinion on the governor’s kiss.

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