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The Economics of Crafting

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Crafters hope to make big bucks off their silk-screened shirts and home-made tote bags this weekend. Vendors peddle their hand-made goods at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

Many crafters have a day job and a craft job. And that’s no different for Jasmine Kummer. She works for non-profits while running a one-woman crocheting business.

Some craft fair vendors might feel the pinch from this year’s registration fee, $310. That’s almost a 50 percent jump from last year. But Kummer, who’s splitting the booth fee with a fellow crafter, says she’s not too worried about it.

KUMMER: My goal is always to make a million dollars, but that hasn’t happened just yet, but I do okay. But I think I’ll make back my money and then some. It usually turns out pretty profitable for me.

Kummer can make up to three hats out of a single skein of yarn. And that could mean a $90 profit.

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