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Truckloads of Free Food for Neighborhood

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Two semi-trailer trucks full of free groceries will wheel into Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood tomorrow. It’s part of a faith-based effort to reach families facing financial hardship. More than 25 Chicago area churches say they will provide services including job counseling, health care and haircuts.

“If there had been a hurricane, we would have rushed in to help them,” said Allen Berryhill, head pastor of Evangel World Outreach Center. “If there had been a tornado, we would have rushed in and helped them. Well, the simple truth is it is a hurricane and it is a tornado. It’s just economic.”

Organizers expect thousands of people to show up. They say the goal is not to evangelize, but they are distributing religious materials with the food.

The so-called Convoy of Hope is happening in conjunction with a back-to-school event led by Alderman Sharon Dixon. The events run from ten to two tomorrow at Kostner and Roosevelt.

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