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Metra Derailment Deaths Settled

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A judge today approved a settlement for two wrongful death lawsuits stemming from a 2005 derailment of a Metra commuter train.

A Cook County judge signed-off on the $11 million settlement for the families of the two women who died in the accident. The September 2005 derailment occurred on Metra train from Joliet to Chicago. Metra spokesperson Judy Pardonnet calls the deaths tragic and offers sympathy to the families.

PARDONNET: It was an unfortunate circumstance where it was human error. The engineer responsible at the time was removed from service without pay. Then later was dismissed by Metra and is no longer an engineer.

Since the derailment, Pardonnet says Metra has made changes to the tracks, installed new technology and now requires extra training for engineers. A lawyer for the families says the matter isn’t entirely cleared up. He says trial dates are still pending for some other lawsuits filed by passengers injured in the accident.

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