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A Tough Economy is Tough On Santa

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It won’t be long before Santa Claus makes appearances around town. But the economic downturn might make Santa spottings less frequent.

Kids who want to read their wish list to Santa might have to make it snappy. The man in the jolly red suit could be on an hourly rate. And, in this tough economy, some holiday planners can’t afford an extended visit.

Joanne Winkler is with an event planning company, She says her customers are requesting shorter Santa visits, and some have already canceled their reservations.

WINKLER: One of the large malls, outdoor malls, have completely canceled their holiday walk. That meant canceling the Santa, the reindeer and carolers. It was pretty sad.

Winkler says the company itself is preparing for slower holiday business by offering cheaper options. They’re even coaching Santa on what to say when kids ask for gifts that parents might not be able to afford: Santa will do his best.

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