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Stroger's Primary Challengers Talk Sales Tax

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Stroger's Primary Challengers Talk Sales Tax


The sales tax increase pushed through by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has survived another vote. And that has some Stroger opponents taking aim.

Stroger’s taken a lot of heat from elected officials of all stripes for the sales tax increase. But he’s held firm, and at Tuesday’s board meeting - by a single vote - managed to keep the tax in place.

STROGER: I tell you the truth. I do what I say I’m going to do. I don’t have to play politics.

But politics was right outside the door. Two candidates running against Stroger in the Democratic primary showed up: Chicago alderman Toni Preckwinkle, and water reclamation chief Terrence O’Brien. They both said they were disappointed the tax wasn’t rolled back.

Another politician eyeing Stroger’s job, Congressman Danny Davis, says he doesn’t know enough about the county’s finances to take a position because he’s not on the board.

DAVIS: So how I can I take a position when I don’t know the issues?

Update: The campaign of a fifth Democratic candidate, clerk of courts Dorothy Brown, got back to us Wednesday. In a statement, Brown expressed disappointment in the vote. She says, “The sales tax repeal is the first step to better management of Cook County Government.”

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