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Chicago Crime Down in August

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Chicago Crime Down in August

The Chicago Police Department says crime dropped nearly ten percent during August. That’s according to preliminary numbers released Friday afternoon.

Chicago ended the summer months on a slightly more peaceful note.

Police say the number of violent crimes in August dropped 4.5 percent from the same time last year, and overall crime was down 9.6 percent.

Shootings were also down from July of this year.

Deputy Superintendent Daniel Dugan attributes that to community involvement.

DUGAN: Communities have to say, we’re not going to take this any more, and enough of it. And once that happens, people start cooperating.

Dugan also points out the department has reassigned many officers, which has put more cops on the streets.

Only robberies and burglaries saw an uptick during August, albeit a slight one.

Dugan says cops will now focus on keeping students safe during the new academic year by stepping up patrols around schools.

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