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CPS Seeks "Culture of Calm" in Chicago High Schools

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It’s back to school for the majority of the city’s school kids today. Chicago officials say they’ll be focusing on creating a “culture of calm” at the city’s high schools this year.

Schools CEO Ron Huberman says you go into some schools, and there’s a climate of respect and hard work. In others, there’s disorder.

HUBERMAN: The culture of calm is wholly not dependent on neighborhood, demographics, socioeconomics, race. It’s about the adults in the building setting the tone.

Huberman wants successful principals to mentor struggling colleagues. He says school climate affects academic performance, the ability to attract quality teachers, and also student safety outside of schools. Thirty-four CPS students were killed last school year in Chicago .

The district wants to re-train security guards and bus students across gang lines—even if that’s just a few blocks. But none of the strategies will be in place today. A district spokesperson says the initiatives will roll out through the fall.

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