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A Race to a Second Chicago Wal-Mart

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The saga of bringing a second Wal-Mart to Chicago continues. A coalition that wants Wal-Mart to guarantee decent paying jobs is going on the attack.

The race to the finish line on whether Chicago gets the 2016 Olympics is a few weeks away. And in the mayor’s push to get the Games, the political battle over whether to allow Wal-Mart to build more stores in the city has largely been on hold. No more.

The Good Jobs Chicago Coalition is pushing for a community benefits agreement that calls for large retailers to give living wages and use local vendors.

Alderman Howard Brookins wants a Wal-Mart in his ward. The chain sent a letter to him outlining its promises to the community.

That’s not enough for Rev. Booker Vance.

VANCE: It’s nothing but a piece of paper. We want an agreement in writing, ordinances. Not just Wal-Mart is held accountable but all large corporations are held accountable.

Alderman Brookins says he’s open to an ordinance.

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