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Sewer Work Hurts Chicago South Side Business District

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A South Side commercial strip is suffering from a city works project that may put owners permanently out of business.

A new sewer pipe is going along 75th Street. The street blockage and debris are hurting several businesses in the Chatham neighborhood.

COATS: I’m not making any money.

Charlotte Coats owns a shoe store by the same name. In 30 days she may go out of business.

COATS: After seven years of being here, this is how they do us, how they treat us. We gotta go.

Many neighborhoods must deal with inconvenient public works projects. But 75th Street has been dubbed Renaissance Row, a contrast to many surrounding neighborhoods lacking retail options.

The project is scheduled for completion in November. It’s unlikely overtime will be granted to speed up the process.

But Sixth Ward Alderman Freddrenna Lyle says she is searching for small business grants to help owners.

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