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Stroger Denies Firing Was Revenge

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Stroger Denies Firing Was Revenge

Cook County President Todd Stroger won’t say why a high ranked county official was fired.

Byron Steele was a high ranking member of Cook County’s Department of Facilities Management. He’s also the brother of county Commissioner Robert Steele. Byron Steele was fired Monday by Count Board President Todd Stroger.

When asked by reporters why Steele was fired or if his termination was performance based, Stroger repeated...

STROGER: It’s based on the president. The president has the ability to look through the organization and decide if he wants to go in different directions.

Steele has reportedly said the firing was revenge for his brother’s decision to vote twice against Stroger’s veto of a sales tax repeal. Stroger denies the claim. He says other personnel changes have been made in the past few years and one person’s termination shouldn’t be singled out.

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