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Governor and Comptroller Clash Over Short Term Loan

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says his plan to pay the state’s bills with a short term loan is hitting a bump.

Governor Quinn is accusing Comptroller Dan Hynes of playing politics instead of approving a plan to take out a $500 million short term loan. Comptroller Dan Hynes happens to be running against Quinn in the gubernatorial primary. Quinn says it shouldn’t take Hynes this long to sign off on the plan.

QUINN: Now to be lolly-gagging along and meandering along instead of getting the job done is inexcusable. The people of Illinois expect every constitutional officer to do his or her job without politics.

The loan needs the approval of both the state treasurer and comptroller. Neither have signed off on anything yet.

Comptroller Hynes says the governor gave him an arbitrary deadline and the administration hasn’t offered specifics on the plan. Hynes calls the situation “madness.”

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