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CPS Says Illinois State Rep Owes Back Rent

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The Chicago Public Schools Inspector General says that a state lawmaker owes seven years in back rent.

The Inspector General for CPS is reporting that State Rep. Monique Davis owes $75,000 in back rent. Her CPS-owned office is on West 95th Street.

The report also says Davis owes leaseholder taxes and penalties totaling more than $400,000. Inspector General James Sullivan recommends evicting Davis and collecting back rent.

Davis says she’s not personally responsible for that money. She says she reached out to CPS to get a lease for the state of Illinois to pay the rent. Davis says CPS has never responded to her.

Davis says that she also contacted then-School Board President Michael Scott about securing a lease. She says she was served papers from CPS the day after his funeral last month. There’s a court hearing in early 2010.

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