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Durbin Expects Health Care Bill Within Month

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Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin says he hopes to have a completed health care bill within the next month. The senate passed a health care bill last month, but it differs from the House version in a few key areas. Durbin says political staffers are already working on a compromise, but a formal meeting won’t take place until after the senate returns to Washington.

DURBIN: We have to be careful that whatever we change doesn’t jeopardize that 60-vote margin. So that is the delicate balance we’re trying to maintain. I believe the Senate bill is a good bill. There are aspects of the House bill I like better. We may not be able to include them because of that political reality.

Durbin won’t say what parts of the health bill he’s willing to compromise on. He says he doesn’t want to bargain publicly, but he says things like revenue sources and abortion are the key points of negotiation.

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