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Radio Lab returns with ...

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Radio Labreturns with Season Six! January 4th through 8th at 9am and 8pm.

Monday--Stochasticity: This hour, Radiolab examines Stochasticity, which is just a wonderfully slippery and smarty-pants word for randomness. Do we live in a world of magic and meaning or … is it all just chance and happenstance?

Tuesday--After Life: What happens at the moment when we slip from the other side? Is it a moment? If it is a moment, when is that moment? And what happens afterward? It’s a show of questions that don’t have easy answers.

Wednesday--Parasites: What’s gotten into you? In this hour we explore nature’s moochers - the good, the bad, and the hideous. We have stories of lethargic farmers, zombie cockroaches, and even mind-controlled humans (kinda, maybe).

Thursday--New Normal? How do you tell the difference between a sea change and a ripple in the water? Is there ever really even a norm? In this hour we examine three stories that reframe our sense of normalcy.

Friday--Numbers: Radiolab dedicates this hour to an exploration of numbers, those pesky little things on the chalkboard. Where do they come from and what do they really do for us? We bring you stories on how they confuse us, connect us, and reveal secrets about us.

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