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Crews Continue Recovery Effort in Suburban Plane Crash

SHARE Crews Continue Recovery Effort in Suburban Plane Crash

Efforts continue to recover wreckage and two bodies from a small cargo jet that crashed in the northwest suburbs yesterday. Officials say cold temperatures and a heavily wooded forest are making the job difficult.

The recovery crew cleared ice and trees from the crash site this morning to get equipment in and out of the Cook County Forest Preserve. Aaron Sauer is with the National Transportation Safety Board. He says recovery is difficult because the plane is three quarters submerged in the Des Plaines River.

SAUER: It’s a difficult from a water temperature stand point to get individuals in there to hook up straps and things of that nature to move the wreckage around in order to attempt to recover the occupants.

Sauer says crews are being careful not to lose wreckage to the river’s strong current. He says the aircraft’s two passengers have not yet been identified. Sauer says the investigation is ongoing.

A portion of River Road in the northwest suburbs will remain closed until the recovery is complete.

Press conference audio courtesy of CLTV.

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