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Hoosier Lawmakers Head Back To Work

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Indiana lawmakers returned to work today for a short two-month session.

There’s ethics reform, consideration for land-based casinos in Gary and whether the state should lift the ban on alcohol sales on Sundays.

But the big issue is whether property tax caps for homeowners, landlords and businesses should be written into the Indiana constitution.

Pushed by Indiana’s governor Mitch Daniels as a way to reduce government spending and to protect taxpayers, the caps were put into place in 2008.

Under the caps, homeowners pay 1 percent of a home’s value toward property taxes. Daniels wants the caps written into the constitution so they cannot be changed in the future.

But some local governments are worried they’ll have to reduce services with less funds which some communities are already having to do. Some lawmakers say the state is moving too fast.

But in an election year, most lawmakers may not want to vote against the caps. If approved by the Indiana General Assembly, Hoosiers will get a say in a referendum later in the year.

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