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More Mentors for Chicago Kids

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Chicago schools CEO Ron Huberman today laid out new details about his much-touted safety and security plan to address youth violence.

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Schools CEO Ron Huberman said he wants an additional 2,000 kids to be assigned mentors.

The school district wants local social service groups, faith-based groups and community organizations to compete for $10 million in stimulus funds so problems can be solved “kid by kid.”

Police superintendent Jody Weis called the strategy “cutting edge” and unique in the nation.

WEIS: Now we’re going after the root problem, to help our young people deal with the challenges they face on a daily basis. We’re going to give them the skills they need to deal with life crisis that comes up. And that’s truly the root cause of the problem.

The details were announced at Robeson High School , one of 38 schools charged with implementing a “culture of calm” this year. Robeson will get a million dollars for additional counselors, a social worker, and classes to help kids cope with anger.

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