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Report: Burr Oak Cemetery Over Its Limit

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Report: Burr Oak Cemetery Over Its Limit

A new report says Burr Oak Cemetary has the remains of thousands more people than it can hold. The report was issued by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s office. He says the south suburban Alsip cemetery should immediately stop new burials.

DART: Given everything that the people who have loved ones at Burr Oak or want to bury people out there, given everything they’ve gone through right now, we can not leave this to be some type of lottery where we’re going to roll the dice and see if the space is empty or not.

Dart says former Burr Oak employees discarded remains and stacked them on top of each other in the burial plots. He says that’s why up to 10,000 more people could be buried at the cemetery. Four former Burr Oak employees face criminal charges for reselling burial plots. They have pleaded not guilty.

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