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Cook County Official Arrested, Charged With Theft

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Cook County Official Arrested, Charged With Theft

Photo: Southtown Star

A top local education official is spending the night in jail.

prosecutors today arrested Charles Flowers. He’s the elected superintendent of the Cook county Regional Office of Education, which serves all suburban Cook County schools.

Prosecutors allege Flowers gave large cash advances to his sister and a girlfriend, both of whom he’d put on the payroll. They say he also racked up thousands of dollars in personal expenses on the office credit card, including tabs for expensive restaurants, limousine services and a trip to Mississippi for his children.

Cook County State ‘s Attorney Anita Alvarez says Flowers began stealing shortly after taking office in 2007.

ALVAREZ: So in Mr. Flowers we have an elected official who is supposed to be working for the taxpayers, who apparently came up with the absurd notion that the taxpayers of Cook County were working for him.

Prosecutors filed a civil suit in July against Flowers for repayment of a loan. He’d asked for money from the Cook County Board to keep his education office afloat. That $190,000 loan remains unpaid.

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