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Scientists Reschedule End of World

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Scientists Reschedule End of World

Armageddon is just a little farther off than it was Wednesday. That’s according to a Chicago-based group of scientists. This morning they moved the hand on the so-called “Doomsday Clock.”

It’s six minutes to midnight, say members of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. That means they believe humanity has inched back from the brink ever so slightly – enough to push the clock back one minute. The group is based at the University of Chicago. They adjust their Doomsday Clock to reflect how close they think we are to nuclear and climate disaster. Board co-chair Lawrence Krauss said this morning the world is beginning to confront the threats.

KRAUSS: What is the case for climate change, and on the case of nuclear weapons, is a sea change in, in attitude, an opening up of possibilities, but not yet a lot of action.

The scientists point to progress on nuclear disarmament and a plan to control greenhouse gas emissions. They also said President Obama’s foreign policy stance has contributed to a more stable world.

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