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Cook County Board Candidates Fight for the Job

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Candidates for Cook County Board President are their pitches for the job.

The nature of a candidates forum is typically more formal than a debate. But one at Chicago’s Union League Club on Friday didn’t go without a few punches. Here’s incumbent Todd Stroger and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District President Terry O’Brien.

STROGER: Ok, keep increasing your property tax levy and you can do it next year to.
O’BRIEN: it’s not over budgeting Mr. President. It’s called fiscal management.
STROGER: You call it that. I call it just taking money and giving it back so you can say good things about yourself.

There were plenty of jabs made at the current administration. And Stroger defended himself even when the shot wasn’t apparent.

STROGER: Yes, she did.
SHAW: I don’t think I heard a shot there.
STROGER: Oh, yes she did.
SHAW: Did anybody hear a shot?
STROGER: Okay, then I’ll tell you what it was.

Other Democratic candidates include Chicago Alderman Toni Preckwinkle and Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown.

Republicans Roger Keats and John Garrido face off.

Thomas Tresser is the lone Green Party candidate in the February primary.

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