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Elkhart-based CTS Distances Self From Toyota Troubles

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An Elkhart, Indiana company is at the center of the Toyota recall controversy. A spokesman for the company says there’s been lots of misinformation regarding the issue.

CTS is a global company with several automotive customers and products in aerospace and the medical fields. A gas pedal it produces for some Toyota vehicles is getting attention for being faulty and causing the automotive giant to do a massive recall and stop production on some models.

CTS spokesman Mitchell Walorski says the problem of the sudden unintended acceleration with some Toyota vehicles dates back to 1999, before its relations with Toyota began.

WALORSKI: CTS wishes to clarify that it does not, and has never made, any accelerator pedals for Lexus vehicles and that CTS also has no accelerator pedals in Toyota vehicles prior to model year 2005.

CTS is working to supply Toyota with replacement pedals for certain late year models as part of a voluntary recall announced this week. Toyota represents about 3 percent of CTS’ annual sales.

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