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Keats, Garrido Square off in GOP Race for Cook Prez

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Cook County Board president candidates were out on the campaign trail this weekend to drum up support for tomorrow’s primaries. And one GOP hopeful says his opponent is taking the race for granted.

The Republicans running for board president are former state senator Roger Keats, and John Garrido, a police officer and lawyer.

GARRIDO: Dzie Dobry [good day]. Dzie Dobry. Dzie Dobry.

Garrido shook hands Sunday outside Chicago’s Saint Hyacinth Basilica before the start of a Polish mass. He says he feels good about his chances, and questions the campaigning efforts of Keats, the party’s slated candidate.

GARRIDO: I think between the two of us I’m really the only one that’s working at an actual candidacy here and a race. I’ve not seen one single sign out from him. I think he did a couple robo-calls and maybe a mailing or two.

Keats says he’s not taking anything for granted, says a recent back surgery has slowed him down, but he’s still keeping a busy schedule.

KEATS: The reason John doesn’t see it is because I’m in front of audiences who tend to vote in Republican primaries, and he’s having fun going to audiences he hasn’t quite figured out yet don’t tend to vote in Republican primaries.

Whoever wins will have an uphill battle; the last time a Republican was elected Cook County Board president was 1966.

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