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Farrakhan Warns Obama of Civil Unrest

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Farrakhan Warns Obama of Civil Unrest

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at the United Center in Chicago on Sunday. (AP/Nam Y. Huh)

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is warning President Barack Obama about civil unrest.

About 20,000 followers packed Chicago’s United Center yesterday to hear Farrakhan’s speech during the Nation of Islam’s Savior’s Day convention. The minister showed no signs of ill-health, as he gave a winding lecture that went on for almost three and a half hours. Farrakhan touched on a wide range of issues, and criticized President Obama’s handling of the financial crisis...

FARRAKHAN: When we can’t feed our families what do you tell us? Thou shalt not steal? When survival is the first law of nature? What are you going to do when black people and poor people erupt in the streets of America? It’s coming! Will you use the federal troops, Mr. President, against the poor?

Farrakhan says none of the money from bank bailouts made it down to working class minorities who need it the most.

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