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Support for Health Care Bill Shaky Among Illinois Congressmen

SHARE Support for Health Care Bill Shaky Among Illinois Congressmen

President Barack Obama still hasn’t convinced some Illinois Congressmen on the merits of the Senate’s health care bill.

A spokesman for Democratic Congressman Bill Foster (14th) says he’s very concerned with analyzing details of the bill. A representative for Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson (11th) says she’s reviewing the bill and listening to her constituents, though she did support the original measure passed by the House. And Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez (4th) is reportedly balking at some of the provisions of the bill.

Meanwhile, Republicans like Congressman Peter Roskam (6th) seem to have made up their minds.

ROSKAM: This bill is going to increase health care costs, and not decrease costs. That’s the first thing. The second thing is it purports to give more coverage to people, but it uses a failed welfare model called Medicaid in order to do that.

Republican Rep. Judy Biggert (13th) is also against passage of the Senate health care bill.

Several Congressional staffers say they’re nearly overwhelmed by the amount of calls from constituents. They’re also hearing from out-of-state voters and receiving so-called “robo calls.”

Meanwhile, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is urging congressmen from his state to vote against the health care bill.

A vote in the House of Representatives could come as early as this week.

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