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Some Illinois Democrats Still Unsure on Health Care

SHARE Some Illinois Democrats Still Unsure on Health Care

Illinois’ congressional delegation is scrambling to get ready for a health care showdown this weekend. A vote on the major health care bill is scheduled for Sunday, but some Democrats still seem to be undecided.

AMBI: busy signal...

That’s probably what you heard if you tried to call a Democratic representative on Capitol Hill Friday morning. That’s when the Democratic Nationall Committee sent out blast emails urging supporters to phone their congressmen, and tell them to vote “yes” on the party’s $940 billion dollar health care bill.

The office of Rep. Dan Lipinski, who’s threatened a “no” vote based on his opposition to some abortion language in the bill, was ready for the barrage of calls.

MESSAGE: We are currently experiencing a high level of call volume. Please press one now to leave your comments regarding the health care bill.

A handful of congressmen - including Reps. Luis Gutierrez, Jan Schakowsky and Jesse Jackson, Jr. - say they’ll vote “yes.”

But several other Chicago-area representatives didn’t respond to repeated interview requests. Aides say their bosses are still reading the legislation, and haven’t made a final decision.

But they’ll have to make one soon. Debate in the House is expected to begin Sunday at 1 p.m. ET.

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