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Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow

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Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow


“Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow” reflects an increased interest in vegetable gardening not seen in this country since World War II.

Discover the fascinating story of how an “army of gardeners” joined forces to organize private and community gardens growing fresh produce for their families and communities. Chicago parks, grassy yards adjoining churches and schools as well as empty urban lots were drafted into creating 100,000+ Chicago Victory Gardens. And how our city became the national role model in urban food production. The war effort also produced a wave of home food preservation and recipes to utilize rationed foods.

A modern gardener looks back… In 2006 we bought a “yard with a house attached to it” for the sole, myopic, obsessive purpose of growing a vegetable garden. In 2007 we tore out most of the grass to install a 1,700 square foot raised bed, organic heirloom garden we call “The Yarden”.

LaManda Joy is determined to convince, cajole and charm as many Chicagoans as possible to tear up their yards and grow their own food! This program is hosted by the Chicago Foodways Roundtable.


Recorded Saturday, March 20, 2010 at Kendall College.

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